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House on 49th

Pictures here are taken of the suite after first tenant A left and before Tenant B removed his contents. The purpose of the pictures was two fold: 1. to show tenant B what Tenant A left behind and 2. to give evidence of the damage done to the suites by the tenants.

Neither tenant paid a damage deposit or full rent. Neither tenant paid anything toward the cost of utilities. Neither tenant had a lease.

Tenant A came in first then sublet to tenant B [male with girlfriend] without permission. Tenant A lived in the living room while Tenant B and friend lived in the separate bedroom.

Tenants placed locks with keys on both doors then proceeded after personal altercations to kick the doors in. The doors both need replacing. Tenant B says Tenant A kicked the doors in.

Overuse or abuse of the dryer may have caused it to break down.

Basement screens are all off and broken. It appears that tenants or associates were entering and exiting the suites using basement windows.

Tenant A broke in through the the laundry room window on Saturday May 21 with five associates. [I suppose the two tenants were trying to convince the other to vacate]

Tenant A and associates started pushing and slapping Tenants B. They fled from the apartment and called me and I called the police to intervene. Police would not act unless Tenant B called for help personally which they did.

Police came by about half an hour later and stayed till Tenant A and associates removed her belongings.

I changed the locks that night and let Tenant B know that I would pack and remove his possessions so that he could remove them the next day, which he did. He also entered the suite to see that all his belongings had been removed and he retrieved his Shaw Cable materials.

Our next move it to renovate the suites and repair the damages and sell the house as soon as possible. The landlord will no longer rent the suite out.

The squabble between the tenants, the damage to the suites, the filthy condition of the suites, the numerous complaints of neighbours about numerous people in and out of the house in the landlord's absence, the increase in thefts from back yards and garages in the neighbourhood which the neighbours attributed to the tenants, the continual smoking in the suites, evidence of visitors staying overnight and especially the non-payment of rent, damage deposit and utilities were all instrumental in a decision to tell the tenants to leave.

June 3 - after steam cleaning the rugs I realized that the rugs are hopeless. Cigarette burns and oils stains have ruined the carpets. We're going to have to replace them.